News from around the world

News from around the world

Several members of our group have applied for scholarships abroad. Lilla Fekete started this academic year as the winner of the FLEX high school scholarship competition in the United States. Emma, Eszter and Péter Sárközi were successful in their application to the Compass Association and will be travelling to Turkey. Read their reports below.

Travelogue from Houston

I arrived in the USA on 9 August after a day trip. We departed Budapest at 6am and arrived in Washington DC at 11pm local time, with a stopover in Frankfurt. A few days later I travelled on to my host family in Houston. I started school on the 19th at a local high school, Manvel High School. I have seven classes every day, always in the same order:

  1. astronomy
  2. Spanish III
  3. English III
  4. US history
  5. algebra 2
  6. psychology
  7. track and field

Lessons are approximately 52-60 minutes long. My first lesson starts at 7.20 and the last one ends at 14.50, which is an athletics training. After that I take the school bus home, do my homework and talk to my family here or go out with my new friends.

In my “here” family, there are seven of us in total, two parents, three children and another exchange student from Georgia who I live and go to school with. My family here has a very busy life. Most weekends we go out on Saturdays for a trip around the area or go shopping. Since church is a big tradition in my American family’s life, I go with them every Sunday morning. We also volunteer here and then have lunch at my grandmother’s house afterwards.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me.

Fekete Lilla , Kaposvár 2.


Getting ready for Turkey

My mother drew our attention to a competition on healthy living and the prize was a trip to Turkey. My siblings and I prepared our entries for the Compass Association’s competition, which were successful, so we were delighted to be able to travel to Sakarya in Turkey from 20-29 September, and the competition also offered us free travel and free board and lodging for our parents.

We will be joined by young people from other nations, with whom we will learn from each other about important topics such as healthy lifestyles, as well as improving our language skills. We will present our projects to each other. From nutrition to sport and mental health, healthy living also covers a wide range of topics. We had to prepare for the camp by being familiar with local customs, for example. Our task will be to present our country to the international team, as well as our local environment and the place where we live.

Péter Sárközi, Kaposvár 2.