Easter chocholate eggs

Easter chocholate eggs

Like in every year, this year we also got a present from our Founder, Sándor Csányi and his wife, Erika Csányi for Easter. Kaposvár was privileged because two big chocholate eggs have arrived to the Community House.

We couldn’t even eat the whole sweetness. After we were full of chocholate, we packed to our family as well so we can make our Easter sweeter and more memorable with the present from the Foundation. Thank you, and we wish happy spring holiday and happy Easter to everyone!

Klementina Vad

The Foundation’s Easter surprise gift has arrived to Mohács much to the delight of the children! The huge chocolate egg and the countained gifts helped to make our afternoon better and happier. Thank you very much for this great present. We, the mentors and the students of the groups of Mohács wish you a peaceful holiday.

We were given a very nice and almost 10 kg weight Easter surprise from the Foundation in Nagybajom. The wrapping paper hided a huge chocolate egg. All of us were glad to taste it. After the chocolate eating and a little chat we went home happily and started to spend the deserved spring break. Happy Easter!

On Easter Friday we gathered in the Community House of Pécs to receive the Easter gift from the Founder and Erika. We received a giant chocolate egg, so huge some of us could even fit in it. We ate it all delightfully and found a lovely present as well, a wall clock. Thank you very much! Happy Easter!

In Jászberény on this Saturday before the drama lesson a surprise waited for us in the room. We saw a big box in the corridor. We didn’t know what is in it, but the older group’s students could suspect it. As Easter is coming, we sang, we recited easter poems and after the lesson we finally could undo the box. The suprise was a huge chocolate egg, which was sent by Mr. Csányi Sándor, hereby we would like to thank him, because we only could see such thing on TV, but now, we also could taste it. The other parts of the day was also very good. On drama lesson, we practiced our production for the Életút day and we also practiced for the singing competition. In the rehearsal we got a little help from Gulyás Patrik’s mother, who is well qualified in music. Happy Easter for everybody!

The surprise Easter egg has arrived to Szeged on Friday and we pulled it together while we were gardening in outside. Thanks to the Founder and his wife, Erika.