1st Guidance Festival championship results

1st Guidance Festival championship results

The second day of the 1st Guidance Festival was full of finals: the children competed for podium places in the year-round chess, foosball, FIFA and football tournaments.

It was a special pleasure to welcome the winning team of the Transylvanian CSASZ Cup, who competed in the football tournament as part of the big boys division, and also played a final match with the Foundation team. Our aim is to further strengthen our cross-border relations, as one of the objectives of our Foundation is to preserve and strengthen the values of our country. Special thanks to Edward Papp, Curator, for attending the award ceremony and for cheering us on through the very exciting matches.

Football Championship results:


1st place: Red team


2nd place: Dark Green Team


3rd place: Yellow Team



1st place: Burgundy Team


2nd place: Light Green Team


3rd place: Purple Team

Field Results:

Best Little Football Player: Martin Mezei (Szentes Group 1)

Best Female Football Player: Lara Krisztina Pintér (Szentes Group 1)

Best Goalkeeper: Csilla Bozsoki (Nagybajom Group 2)

Best Field Player: Tamás Burai (Jászberény Group 2)

Top Scorer: Péter Varga (Pécs Group 2)


FIFA-championship results:

1st place: Márk Majdik (Pécs Group 2)

2nd place: Olivér Kóczián (Jászberény Group 3)

3rd place: Milán Möller (Mohács Group 3)

Chess results:

1st place: Krisztián Schneider (Pécs Group 2)

2nd place: Márk Pozsonyi (Nagybajom Group 1)

3rd place: Richard Nagy (Pécs Group 2)

Foosball results:

1st place: András Pivo – Szabolcs Hinyi (Transylvania)

2nd place: Andrea Balla – Virág Flibert (Pécs Group 2)

3rd place: Kristóf Kaszab – Márk Szücs (Jászberény Group 3)