Get to know the Jászság! – Alattyán

Get to know the Jászság! – Alattyán

In the Jászság group 4, 16 children from 8 settlements come to the Jászberény Community House in the capital of Jászság and we would like to get to know the values ​​and sights of each other’s settlements. So the slogan of one of our summer camps is: “Get to know Jászság!” became and in the planned five days we will walk through the children’s settlements on a hiking trail we dreamed of. In the first round, the families help to map their own village and together with the children make a description of the sights and a hiking trail, then photos are taken of the buildings and landscapes. We are constantly sharing these compilations with you. Our sixth settlement: Alattyán. The description was compiled by Burkus Lili Boglárka. ” Andrea Hábenciusné Balla, mentor, Jászság group 4

Alattyán village is located in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county, in the Jászapáti district. The population of the village, based on 2018 data, is 1937 people. The name of the settlement comes from a Turkish personal name (Alip-Tiyan), meaning “hero falcon”. In the late 14th century it was owned by the Kun family, later by the Chyrke family. An Avar cemetery was excavated on its territory in the 15th century. The Turks ravaged the settlement in 1536, which they survived, but the liberation wars also wreaked havoc on Alattyán. The village was transferred to Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county and to Jászság in the geographical-historical sense with the 33rd law article of 1876. Its inhabitants live mainly from agricultural primary production. The most significant enterprise in the settlement is the 130-person plant of SEI Interconnect Product Kft. The Fat ont he Fest, a highly successful local festival, plays a significant role in the life of the village, employing around seventy people and allowing more people to run private accommodation.




A monumental church built in 1773, dedicated to St. Michael,

Trinity statue,

World War I memorial,

World War II memorial.

Jewish cemetery, which has been a memorial park since 1999.

In the Gecse birthplace you can see the legacy of the painter Árpád Gecse, who died in 1999 (oil paintings, graphics, sculpture portraits, plaques and altarpieces) with the artist’s objects of use and documents.


Born in the settlement:


Árpád Gecse painter,

The grandparents of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy had property here,

Master Chef István Tukacs is currently a resident of Alattyán, a two-time Kinizsi estate chef, a four-time royal grandmaster’s chef,

Zsolt Burin Zsolt Burai, he is primate violinist,

Actress Teréz Csombor,

Tamás Józsa is an international wedding photographer and festival organizer, president of the Fat Association,

Péter Vízi is a nationally known wedding award and festival organizer.




Scream Running, Degree of Dread

Zsír on the Fest

Jász sausage filling competition

Jász cross country running