It was an exciting weekend!

It was an exciting weekend!

It was our first human weekend yesterday morning. We had a drama lesson and a reading comprehension.

First of all, we have been informed about the task ahead of us on the Summer Fête. We finally chose a shadow game to introduce ourselves. We played, we were entertained, we felt very good.

At the beginning of the next session everybody was introduced with one of our characteristic features and our name. After that everyone took the picture. I chose one that has a paper because I like to write.

Then came the book bidding. From the 20 books presented, we could write the addresses of those what we are interested in. Naturally, many liked the same, so they could bid for them. You will get the book, if you will read more chapters of it. I got the Bud, Lord book about an orphan boy. After the book bidding, everybody read about half an hour on his book. This occupation has also been perfectly successful!

After lessons, we went to eat hamburger. As we waited, we talked about the summer camp, we have also elected members of the Parliament for Children. I’m really happy because many people voted for me so I’ll be Enci’s deputy.

It was very funny Saturday too, we meet after the fall break.

Sipos Levente Örs, Kaposvár Group 4




As always, whenever winter is coming close, then the DIY project is being launched by Piroska. This year we have prepared decoration boxes. We have tried embroidery too. I love being creative, because it relaxes me.

Licsicsányi Zsuzsanna Szeged 1

Math in a different way In Szeged there were more options of Maths courses this year. A few kids from the grade 5-ers applied for competition preparation course. We have helped them enter a 6 round long Hungarian Math race. The completed sheets had to be sent in a letter form. We have discussed problems that got us closer to the real life math issues. On the project day we learned the multiplication and division with 10; 100; and 1000 by understanding the steps. On the map we measured the distances between the houses of the foundation with a string. The area and circumference calculations were assisted by a tape measure We liked how we could work in the garden, and we did not spend the whole time in the classroom.

Németh Máté, Szeged 2

We have been introduced the Fibonacci numbers in Piroska’s class. These numbers often occur in the nature, such as the number of leaves on a plant or the sunflower seed numbers are called Fibonacci spiral. We have examined the golden ratio too. That is a ratio both in nature and art, that create balance between asymmetry and symmetry. After the interesting introductory parts, we dove into more difficult tasks too.

Berta Gábor, Szeged 3