Transylvanian Adventures 2019

Transylvanian Adventures 2019

As we saw it…

„During the last week we participated in an eventful camp in Transylvania thanks to the Csányi Foundation. We got first hand experiences about the natural, historical and folk wanders of the region starting in Arad through Békés Passage, Killer Lake, Brassó to Torda passage, just to mention some of the many interesting places. During the week a well prepared chatty tour guide, Mr Ernő was at our help to learn as much about Transylvania as we can. An extra credit to our driver, Mr Józsi, who beside the safe driving , guaranteed the joy and fun on his bus during the whole week. Thanks to our volunteers, Julia and Chakee, we could also develop our German and English language. We would like to say thank you to the Foundation and to our mentors to have such a joyful and funny camp like this one.” Tarnay Ákos Pécs 3.

„The days before the camp, I was a bit anxious how I am going to get on with the children and mentors in the camp to Transylvania. But my worries flew away very quickly, as we found the same tone with everyone. This feeling made me happy and accompanied me throughout the whole week. The programmes were very well organised, enjoyable and informative and we behaved as it could be expected from the Csányi students. I think the places we visited will help the younger students during their history matura exams. This was my first little-mentor “job” and I enjoyed it very much so I will enrol one the camps next year. Fehér László Nagybajom 1.

„I enriched a lot in this camp I can tell. I already had the chance to visit Transylvania with the Csányi Foundation, but this was my first time to be a little-mentor. Beside visiting many interesting places it was a great pleasure to help the works of the mentors as the “official” photographer of the camp. It was also very good to have some private chats with younger students and learn more about them. Most of them asked me about the coming matura exam and we also talked a lot about further studying. As I am an undergraduate university student, I think I could help them with plenty of advice and personal experiences about their future, what kind of help the Foundation can give them in the future and so on. All in all, it was great to leave the everyday rat race for a while. Seemingly the three groups knew each other very well. Together with the mentors and the best driver we had a memorable one week in Transylvania. Thank you for the possibility to be here again and I hope I can help other groups and mentors in the future. Izsák Bendegúz Pécs 2.

Day eight: Our journey continued to Nagyvárad through Körös valley and the Kings’ Passage. In Nagyvárad we walked in the old town and learned a lot about the history of the city. Unfortunately from here we headed to the border to go home and finish our one-week adventure in Transylvania. We are thankful to see the wonders of Transylvania and learn a lot about this region. Thank you very much!

Groups of Pécs 3., Nagybajom 3., and Szeged 3.


Day seven: Today we had to say good-bye to our host family and travelled to Torda to see and explore the second biggest ex-salt mine in the country which is now an underground museum. This place is simply incredible. After lunch we walked though the Torda passage, which used to be a mountain many many years ago but collapsed and left a natural passage through the gigantic cliffs. After the tour we travelled to Kalotaszentkirály where we had dinner and later saw a folk dance festival and also took part in the dance evening.

Horváth Anna Pécs 3., Nagy Botond Nagybajom 3., Berta Gábor Szeged 3.


Day six: We started the day with a city walk tour in Szováta, which isa beautiful spa town in the mountains. We took a walking tour around Lake Bear, which is a natural salt lake and there were many other smaller lakes like the Red Lake or the Green Lake. After wandering in the nature we found a good ice-cream parlour to treat ourselves. Our next stop was Korond. It is famous for its pottery industry and we had the chance to look around in one of the workshops, namely Illyés V. Mihály’s pottery workshop. In the afternoon we went back to Szentegyháza to take part in the afternoon town’s day programmes, some of us enrolled in the archery competition as well. Late afternoon we played football with the local football fans while some took a short trip to the nearby hills. We can say that this day was also filled with great things.

Wensofszky Balázs Pécs 3., Pápai Panna Szeged 3., Gál Dorina Nagybajom 3.


Day five: the day started in Brassó with a long walking tour in the old city. Here we watched the famous Black Church, the oldest and biggest baroque style 13th century Lutheran church in Central Europe and the old city hall building. After the tour in the city centre, we went up the Cenk-hill with the funicular to admire the breathtaking view of the city and we also could enjoy the best ice-cream of Brassó. The next station of our journey was the pilgrimage site of the church of Csíksomlyó.We could watch this original baroque style church, which is world famous among Catholic people. We closed the day with a delicious dinner followed by a relaxing evening.

Bertalan Zsolt Nagybajom 3, Majorod Ivett Pécs 3, Pápai Panna Szeged 3


Day four:  We started the day in Székelykeresztúr in the garden of the Gyárfás manor under the shade of Petőfi’s pear tree. According to the tales, Petőfi had his last supper here before the war of 1849 against the Austrian troops. Later we went to Segesvár where we watched the old town, the clock tower, the upper and down market places, the Lutheran church and the bastions around the town. Here we had a little free time, which we used to climb the students’ stairs to get an even better view to city. We continued our day in Farkaslaka and visited the grave of Tamási Áron. Later, near Székelyudvarhely-Szejkefürdő we visited the grave of Orbán Balázs and the Székely gates’ walk to the grave. After dinner we had a little free time and we could play football, went touring or dip in the hot water tub.

Jakab Kata Pécs 3, Pálfi Gábor Nagybajom 3, Fábián Berta Szeged 3.


Day three: The day started in Csíkszereda. Here we watched the Mikó castle and the exhibition that depicts the life and history of the people in the last centuries. We walked to the Angel Church, designed by Makovecz Imre where we learned about the history of this modern but somehow old church. On our way to Killer Lake we stopped in Madéfalva where we our tour guide talked about the sad history of the village during the 1848 revolution. Early afternoon we arrived to the Békás Passage. We all heard about this place but seeing in real life was something different. It was one of a kind experience to walk through the valley among the multi-story high cliffs. Next, we walked up to Killer Lake where we eat original Transylvanian chimney cake. This was the last stop of the day and after the dinner the bravest dived into the bucket spa at home.

Tarnay Ákos Pécs 3., Patyi Izabella Szeged 3., Bóni Richárd Nagybajom 3.


Day Two: Day two: After the breakfast at the hotel we started the day in the Castle of Vajdahunyad. It cannot be described what feeling it was to see, to touch and feel the history of hundreds of years in real life not just from the history lessons. Later on we continued our journey to Gyulafehérvár where we visited the 1000 year old catholic monastery, the castle of Gyulafehérvár, Charles gate and the Batthyaneum. We arrived to Kápolnásnyék late in the evening where we are going to spend our evenings. The hosts waited us with the famous Székely hospitality and delicious dinner.

Schneider Krisztián Pécs 3. Borsós József Szeged 3. Gelencsér Márton Nagybajom 3.


Day One: The awaited time has arrived and the three group, Nagybajom 3, Pécs 3 and Szeged 3 started their summer adventures in Transylvania (15 July 2019). After crossing the border we headed to Arad where we had lunch and a quick sightseeing in the historic town. Our tour guide Zsori Károly showed us the most important architectural relics of the town just like the Austrian and Hungarian Art Nouveau, the national theatre, the city hall designed by Lechner Ödön and the Palace of Culture. Naturally, we did not forget to visit the memorial place of the 13 Martyrs of Arad and place our wreath in memory of them. From Arad we travelled to Vajdahunyad, which is the last stop for today.

Czulák Linda Pécs 3., Makra Sarolta Szeged 3., Papp Virág Nagybajom 3. csoport