English exams

English exams

The day has come, when we could show the teachers how good we are at languages.

We all prepared for it a lot, because a lot depends on this examination in connection with the language camps abroad.  This was the last period of the language competition so the results will turn out in some weeks, hopefully.  The time went quite fast during waiting for our turn.  Thus we could enjoy the community of ourselves and the looked at our topics and collected ideas the last time.  This day was not all of the oral examination of the Csányi Foundation, but the state language exam, too. Some of our mates were filling their forms in order to apply for the exam. This was a very good opportunity for those who haven’t been to such an examination. This is good for the speaking skills and this way students can get used to the construction of an exam and we can face our skills immediately.

This is a good occasion for us, university goers, to meet the others and I am always very surprised how big our boys are.

Finally, we would like to say thank you to the Csányi Foundation that they always give us the possibility to meet the others and by the way, we can experience our advancement in English or in German.

Király Kinga