Excursion to the cottage cheese factory in Marcali

Excursion to the cottage cheese factory in Marcali

On August 30, 2019, the students from Szeged, Kaposvár, Nagybajom went to Marcali to the Mizo factory, where the “túró rudi” (curd bars) is made. This reward trip was deserved by students who submitted successful work in the “Milk, Life, Health” competition last school year. During the day, we went to a factory visit to see the manufacturing process from raw material to packaging and then storage. After that we could make sweets, and of course the product tasting could not be missed. Thank you very much to the employees of Bonafarm Group and the factory for taking part in this program! We had fun!

“I was looking forward to this day as I could see my friends again. I also wondered how the curd bars we sometimes eat at home are made. It was a very good day.” Vanessa Kovács, Nagybajom Group 2nd

“We applied for this excursion with a fairy tale. I was glad to see how the curd is made. I gained a lot of new knowledge and experience. Thank you so much for this day!” Milan Vajda, Nagybajom Group 2nd

“It was very good! I could taste a lot of curd bars and the shake was delicious too.” Barnabás Radó, Kaposvár Group 4th

“What I liked the most was that we could make curd bars and went into the fridge where the products are stored.” Róbert Tallián, Kaposvár Group 4th

“What I liked best was when we went through the factory and showed me in detail how the curd bars are made.” Sára Ladányi, Kaposvár Group 4th