Time of happiness and waiting. I have to confess that I am not keen on the superficial Christmas waiting with which we meet day by day.

But yesterday I had a particularly different experience at the Community House of Csányi Foundation in Kaposvár.
After the long working week we arrived there a bit tired. Those who have teenage children know it exactly what unexpected reactions they can make. I was afraid that tiredness will seal the mood of the afternoon. I really did not want my child to be one of the celebration ‘spoilers’.

Luckily, my fears vanished in the very first minutes. The members of the groups greeted each other with hugs, even those, too who do not live in Kaposvár. We were waiting in the hall and involuntarily came into my mind the Christmas of my childhood, when the doors of the living room were still closed, behind them the Christmas tree being decorated by my parents. I was as excited now as many years ago. Suddenly, charming and welcoming guitar sound greeted us and the doors opened up. Inside the room candles, pine tree fragrance and a little bunch of children waited us. The murmuring faded and we took our seats excitedly. Then, the little group started singing: one boy from the group, the mentor and a parent from us.

I could recognise immediately one of my favourite LGT songs. It was about angels. I was waiting it to arrive and the magic came. My daughter listened carefully with honest smile on her face. Those who have teenage children know it very well how rare it is to see our children held in awe, relaxed and enthusiastic. With passion and love, she listened the song and clapped at the end. I am sure this moment will accompany me for a long time. It was true.

A few days ago, we talked with our mentor who confessed with concerns that she is not sure where she is in our children’s lives. As listening the show and watching the reactions of our children, I think, there are true moments in our lives when angels do come to us.
The rest of the afternoon was simple but excellent. Surprise waited in the playhouse as well. The children of the groups were laughing and they happily tasted the different tea and cookies, while the parents were preparing Christmas decorations.

We also had time and strength to play on the X-box with our teenage children.
I feel deeply thankful again and ever. I wish Marry Christmas for the directorate of Csányi Foundation, for the mentors, developmental teachers and for all the other parents.

Kircz Ágnes, parent group 2 Kaposvár