The last day in the Museum of Fine Arts

The last day in the Museum of Fine Arts

Due to restoration work, the Museum of Fine Arts closes for years on the 15th February 2015. There was quite a huge interest among the museum visitors in the last few days.

Around noon long queue snaked in front of the museum because a small part of the museum’s collection will be available to visit in the Hungarian National Gallery in the following few years. It was the reason why I also decided to go there.

Owing to the Csányi Foundation I have already seen the famous temporary exhibition of Rembrandt’s paintings, so I visited the constant exhibitions of the museum. It includes the collection of Classical Antiquity, the Old Master Paintings and the Collection of European Sculpture.

It was a great experience to see the exhibited masterpieces and the building itself was worth visiting and seeing the present status of the museum. I am looking forward to seeing how the museum is going to change in the following few years.

Kmett Dániel István, Jászberény 1