We watched it, tried it and loved it…

We watched it, tried it and loved it…

…at Microsoft (27th September).

Future schools, use of social sites, history of data search, games and study were the areas that we could write our essays on. The winners of this competition were invited to the well-known IT company called Microsoft located Budapest.

It is inevitably true that IT is part of our everyday lives. I hardly can imagine my life without the internet and computer. The programmes seemed and were colourful and exciting that awaited us. I was not disappointed because the day was full of interesting topics. In the morning we talked about digital safety, proper use of internet sources, plagiarism, social media, posts and about the respect of private sphere. After the abundant and delicious lunch we got first-hand experience about modern office tools and modern office IT base in interactive way. During the afternoon, probably the most interesting part of the day, we could try the state-of-the-art IT tools and games made by Microsoft.

Thank you very much for the chance that we could be here and we really hope that this co-operation will last long. I am sure that I will follow the coming tenders of Microsoft.
We had a wonderful day today!

Kovács Viktória, Jászberény 2