The Journey to Secondary School

The Journey to Secondary School

The day I have been waiting for has finally come. All my thoughts were on this in the last couple of months and we all prepared a lot for this. On Saturday we took our secondary school entry tests. I arrived at Munkácsy Secondary School at 9.30, took my seat after a short briefing, and at 10 the Hungarian language test began. After that came the maths test. The entry test was neither too easy nor too difficult. I didn’t stress myself too much about it because that wouldn’t have been any better. I took the advice of my teachers and my mentor the best I could, and I hope my performance is good enough to be admitted to the school of my dreams.

Dausek Nándor

Maths was relatively difficult for me, but I found Hungarian easy. I wasn’t afraid of the Hungarian test because I’ve always been good at it. Maths was tougher but I think I managed it pretty well. The equations were challenging, but they couldn’t scare me. In all, I think both tests went down well, I’m satisfied with my performance, and this is what’s important. I can’t rest just yet, however, as I’ll have a music entry exam soon. I’m concentrating on that, because it’s very important for the school I have applied to. I’d like to do well in both the written and oral rounds, much more than today.

Karácsony Áron

The first test was on Friday for the Arany János Development Program. I took an oral exam at Táncsics Secondary School, which I can hopefully call mine soon. I felt confident in the exam, I talked about my studies, my interests, hobbies and my achievements. I told about my favourites (music and folk dance, both very important to me) and that I’m a proud member of the Csányi Foundation. I spent the evening with the other applicants playing talking and cheering on each other. In the morning we went back to the school together to take on Maths and Hungarian and do our best in the written tests. We spent a lot of time doing tests from previous years, and I fee both the Foundation and my primary school have helped me a lot to do well. I’ve found the preparatory classes, and I’m excited for what’s next.

  Gregor Dóra