Drive Safely

Drive Safely

For the younger members of my group, I gave a lecture on correct and safe traffic, in line with the Foundation’s program, ‘Ready, Set, Drive’! I formulated the topic in an easy-to-understand way, because everyone participates in traffic, regardless of whether they are cyclists or pedestrians, and compliance with the rules and safety are very important to preserve the health of others. During my presentation, I highlighted the importance of paying attention to pedestrians and the orderly and safe behavior of pedestrians. I paid a lot of attention to the order of priority, as well as the dangers of drunk driving, which, in my opinion, should be discussed more. I also planned a separate presentation for the electric scooter, which is becoming more and more popular these days, as it was of interest among young people. After my presentation, we went to the intersection in Kaposvár where recently the most accidents have occurred in the city. I also considered it particularly important because this dangerous section is relatively close to our Community House. Here we have discussed their causes and how to prevent them by crossing at the correct crosswalk. I believe that the knowledge and application of regular and safe transportation is important and useful for everyone. I was happy that my group was able to answer my questions about the asked rules and their vast knowledge of the traffic signs.

Sárközi Eszter


Eszter came to us this afternoon with a really informative presentation about the dangers of transportation and its important rules. It was about pedestrian traffic and how we can keep ourselves safe, in cases that we never even thought were dangerous. We also gained a lot of useful information about car traffic; he kept us informed about the advantages and dangers of driving with an electric scooter. Also, we visited the most dangerous intersection in Kaposvár, where the most tragedies involving personal injuries have occurred in recent years. Eszter drew our attention to a number of rules by which we can be safe on the roads, with a lot of her own experience and fresh, crisp knowledge of KRESZ.

             Kovács Nagy Sarolta

 I found this presentation interesting, and I am especially glad that it wasn’t only dry facts. Eszti called my attention to the fact that I am often walking on the wrong side of the road.

Sármány Enikő


What I liked about Eszter’s presentation – apart from the fact that she gave us knowledge that can be used in our everyday lives – was that she made her presentation more colorful and enjoyable by playing a police video. Although many of us just long for electric scooters, I never thought until now of how many dangers threaten those who travel with this vehicle (well, it was also discussed where it belongs among means of transport). We thank Eszti for the program and wish her the best of luck in getting his driver’s license.

Sipos Levente