Trip to Csípőtelek

Trip to Csípőtelek

On Saturday, 12/01/2013, we went on a trip to Csípőtelek. We visited a farm which produces milk to Hungary and also to other countries. And of course we took lots of pictures and learned how milk gets to the shelves of supermarkets all over the world.

This is us leaving Kaposvár to Csípőtelek first thing in the morning.

After one hour and a half on the road, we arrived in Csípótelek. There we waited for another group of kids to join us. Then it wasn’t long until we arrived at the farm.

There the kids got lectured about how the whole process works inside the farm. Since the how they take care of the new born calves until the extraction of the milk.

After that we went to this huge barn where they kept hundreds of cows. On the right you can see the cows eating and also that they have smaller space to move around. On the left side there were the future mom cows and because of that they had a more comfortable and larger space in the barn.

Then we went to another of their four barns. There were the cows that were about to have babies and we were lucky enough to see two of them be born!

This one was the first. It’s struggling to stand up. Welcome to the world!

After witnessing this incredible moment, we went to a different location to see the slightly older calves. Here is one of them posing for the picture.

Then we went back where it all started and there the kids got to see an enormous mechanism used to extract the milk.

Now it’s lunch time. We got to eat in a lovely restaurant nearby.

Finally it’s time to go back home. The trip in the way back was very fun. Check it out.

And this is a summary of our trip to Pécs. Hope you guys enjoy. I know we did. See you next time.