Special weekend in Kaposvár

Special weekend in Kaposvár

For the first project weekend of this school year, we surprised the children and offered them various activities from which to choose what they would spend this day on.

The first exciting program was the initiative of our developer Máté Varga and Sasa: ​​a 10 km hike between the hills of Zselic, on the route Bárdudvarnok-Zsippó-Szenna. With Aunt Zsuzsa, short video films could be made during the media session. Our developer, Valéria Vargáné Skoda, introduced the children to the mysteries of making origami birds, while we made bowls for recycling, from empty detergent bottles with Méri, used decoupage.

This is how we saw it:

“I applied to make bowling. We had a great time, laughing a lot, talking. Even if he didn’t really go in the beginning, by the end he came in. Very nice bowling puppets were made with the help of autumn leaf patterned napkins. Méri, our mentor tried it carefully, but they haven’t dried completely yet, then we’ll finish it next time and then we’ll try it! ” Boglárka Borsfai, Kaposvár group 4th

“It was a very good day. We could choose from a lot of programs and I chose origami. At first I thought it wasn’t going to go, but by the end it was going very well. It was a great day! ” Barnabás Radó, Kaposvár Group 4th




You can see the pictures in Galéria.