Wide variety of cultures

Wide variety of cultures

During the cooperation with the volunteers, our next stop was organized on 16th November in 2011 in Nagybajom. Students from Nagybajom could improve their English and German knowledge with the help of volunteers from 7 different countries.

After school, the students arrived to the Community House and they were quite surprised by the new faces: volunteers from Spain, America, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy and Hungary. The afternoon started with an introduction. According to the task, the English learners and the German learners should do their work together with native English and German speakers.

The aim of these presentations is that the children could get to know more and more information about the volunteers, where they came from and what do they do day to day. For the presentation, they could use a map and other tools as well.

Wednesday afternoon was organized in cooperation with 3 institutes:  the teachers and the heads of the local primary school, presidents of Compass European Cooperation and the Csányi Foundation.

During the day, all the students and the volunteers had a really good time together and they are looking forward to the next meeting.