Researchers’ Night – Szeged

Researchers’ Night – Szeged

Group 3 of Szeged went to the Faculty of Pharmacy

This year, group 3 of Szeged went to the Faculty of Pharmacy to get a deeper insight of the new school subject, chemistry. We gathered at the Dóm square at 4.45 pm and we walked to the nearby faculty where we were waited by the scientists of the university. The programmes offered whole night scientific fun and we watched how to make pills, hair gel, treated cancer cells under microscopes and we also could see how experimental rats are treated at the university and it turned out that these tiny creatures are really cute and help us a lot to get healthy again.

Martincsek Zoltán SZ3 mentor


The Szeged one group spent the Agora Researchers ‘ Night

Friday on the occasion of the Night of the Researchers, this year we went to the Agora again. There, ranging from mathematics to geology and chemistry adopted us countless illustrations and experiments. We went up the floor there, we met with chemistry, biology, hearing, observation and logical tasks. Thereof tasks on various topics there are in one-one stations where we could gain for different prizes what we accumulated in ‘Passports’. We finished the day and the common program with eating some gofris.

Vugernicsek Zsolt