McDaniel College

McDaniel College

The Csányi Foundation and McDaniel College Budapest Campus invited the entries for a competition in which they can obtain a scholarship to a prestigious university.

As every senior I gave a lot of thoughts about choosing the perfect university after graduating from high school. I knew, that I wanted to study psychology, but I was not sure which university I should apply to. That’s when I came across the competition mentioned previously. Before applying, I talked a lot about this university with my mentor and my family to make sure I make the right choice. After I prepared all the documents that I needed for my application, with the help of the Foundation, we managed to send it to the members of the selection board, who later notified me, that the admission process while continue with an interview.

Because of the pandemic our possibilities were limited, as we could not meet in person, so they decided, the best choice is to arrange an interview via video call. Before the discussion I was a bit nervous, because a lot depended on the outcome, but after we started talking all my nervousness went away, and the only thing on my mind was to focus on trying to do my best.

Following the interview, I did not expect a fast reply, but on the very same day I received an email that told me I was accepted to McDaniel College.

I would like to say thank you to the Csányi Foundation for believing that I was suitable for this huge opportunity so I could win this scholarship. This means in the next academic year, I can attend the university that will set me miles ahead to reach my goals. Nóra Nógrádi, Kaposvár 3.