“I fell in love with what I got, My heart is chained here!”

“I fell in love with what I got, My heart is chained here!”

Zorán arrived in Kaposvár on November 6 as part of his national tour. Music lovers aged 18-99 came in long lines to the concert held in the sports hall. To my great joy, my mother was able to come with us, who (for as long as I can remember) listens to and knows Zorán’s songs, and has no playlist without his songs. The most defining experience for me regarding the concert was the humanity and humility that characterized the entire evening. Incredibly professional, versatile musicians stood as one person behind the singer and participated in the high-quality joyful music. I didn’t know what to expect, since neither my own nor my age group’s musical tastes typically move in other directions these days, but I’ve rarely experienced this professionalism in this form. I am so grateful!

 Dóra Gregor, singer of the Csányi Band and our chamber orchestra.

If I had to say one word that comes to mind about the concert, it would be “professionalism”. Each song formed a perfect whole by itself with its orchestration and light show, as well as the schedule in which these gems fit. I always thought that we were past the zenith of the concert, and then I just blinked (sometimes with tears in my eyes) that the mood was reaching its peak again. Zorán kept attention and standards at a high level throughout. I’m very, very happy that I made it to the concert, it is memorable.”

Judit Belovitz, parent

“I really felt that God was smiling in me too, “he stood between us for a dance”, my heart was also smiling and I was proudly watching my children (stealthfully) to see if they felt why the artist was important to me, with his songs… from all non-verbal signs I read that they understood why it is important that we go together… because I want the generational difference not to be a gap between us, but a bridge… so that they can see, feel and experience the value along which I grew up.”

Angéla V. Sárközi, mentor


It was fun singing the songs together! We were happy to meet him in person, he was forthright and friendly. We had a great time, thank you to the Foundation, for making this experience possible!

Honestly, I was pleasantly disappointed, because this genre is outside of my musical taste, (and of course, I know and love some of the artist’s songs) I am more attracted to alternative subcultures. But yesterday’s performance really touched me, both musically and emotionally. I was amazed at how in harmony the amazing vocalists sounded with the singer and the other instruments, I was impressed in every way. I think the guitars, the bass, the drums the percussion instruments, and the saxophones of different tones with the synthesizer sounded great and I enjoyed listening to each track one by one. We also had the opportunity to exchange a few words with Zorán. He seemed like an extremely nice person with much experience behind him.


Levente Sipos and Sarolta Kovács-Nagy are members of our chamber orchestra