Today, on May 17, 2022, the lecture of the Csányi Foundation’s Szeged Group 3 Parents’ Academy took place, the topic of which was the career orientation of students aged 13-14. The lecture was given by psychologist Miklós Melinda. Given the importance and actuality of the topic, the parents of almost all of the children involved took part in the discussion. To begin with, each parent had to write down on three pieces of paper one thing they considered important for their child to choose a successful career path. The written words were grouped by the psychologist, who then analyzed their meaning and importance together with the parents in the form of an interactive conversation. Parents received a lot of advice and gained experience from what was said. There are a lot of subjective and objective factors and aspects that can greatly contribute and help the child to choose a good school, profession or career for further education, which he will love later. It was discussed as an aspect: interest, motivation, money, supportive background, labor market, etc. All of these factors and more can affect a child’s “what happens when they grow up”. After the presentation, the group’s mentor, Gyöngyi Novák, discussed with the parents the tasks and information about the summer camps, which promised to be meaningful. I would end my writing with one of my favorite Latin proverbs, which I recommend all children and parents note: “Non scholae sed vitae discimus.” That is, “We learn not for school, but for life.”


Zsolt Nagy, parent of Szeged Group 3


Today, on May 17, 2022, Melinda, a psychologist at the Szeged Community House, provided career counseling for us, the parents, within the framework of the Parents’ Academy. We were able to realize how diverse and almost opaque it is for us and our children to continue learning. Luckily, Melinda highlighted many pop-ups that weren’t even articulated in many of us. He talked about not ignoring what dreams a child has and what the realistic basis is for choosing a successful path for themselves and how we parents can support them in making it happen. His first and very good question was how we chose at the time and how many remained in their profession. In the vast majority, we did not make a good choice and transferred to another track. Therefore, it is very important to make a good, thoughtful decision about the child’s further education. It has highlighted how many professions have been “born” since we had to choose, and unfortunately we are at war with the meaning of the names of several professions.

The main message can be to be aware of our children’s orientation, skills, vision, independence, especially if they can apply to another city and are forced to live in a dormitory. How much time can you spend studying, because a child preparing for a legal or medical career will certainly have many “core” subjects. Do you have a willingness to wait when you want to get money as soon as possible because vocational schools pay a scholarship while you don’t get an immediate income in high schools? Let’s go after it, find out about sectors, professions, if possible, make an appointment with a person working in it to talk, maybe try yourself in that field.

Ask the students who go there, their parents, what experiences they can give us. Get to know the school before the child enters. Are there scholarships, are there study trips, student exchange programs, language learning or other important opportunities.

The Foundation helps a lot and Melinda is also happy to talk to the children about further education. Thank you very much.

Zsuzsa Sziveri, parent of Szeged Group 3