What is higher education at all?

What is higher education at all?

On the 11th October I had the opportunity to visit one of my English teachers at his work, in Lehel Vezér Secondary School, in Jászberény.

He would have liked me talking about higher education, English studies and other news in connection with a university-goer’s life.

I was very grateful that I got this opportunity because it meant me a lot. Unfortunately, nowadays this is a common phenomenon that students in their final year of secondary school are quite puzzled about what to study, where to study. This is hard to decide because too much depends on this choice and it’s not obvious that everyone is certain about this decision. As for me, I would say that this was a very huge gift to those who don’t really know anything about higher education or for instance about what does English studies contain. I am quite sure that those students attending Mr. Szabó’s classes will figure out what to study and they will make the perfect decision for themselves.

I would like to say thank you for this opportunity firstly to Mr. András Szabó, to his students for paying attention to me and last but not least to the Csányi Foundation because without their support, I couldn’t have got to know the best teacher of English in our country.

Király Kinga, Jászság 1.