Talent Selection Process in Mohács

Talent Selection Process in Mohács

The talent selection process has started in the Community House of Pécs for the new groups in Mohács

1st day: 4th April 2014

At 8.00 the procedure started with registration. We welcome the arriving children, parents and members of their families.

At 8.30 all the kids arrived from Mohács to the Community House of Pécs. The future mentors and the older Csányi students from Pécs welcomed the kids and parents. The children pinned their name tags, they got the gift brochures, which contains the daily programme and then they could look around in the House.

At 9.10 Dr Radoszáv Miklós on behalf of the Csányi Foundation welcomed the parents and children. After the welcome speech, the children went upstairs to start their first test today, which is the reading comprehension. Meanwhile, the representatives of the Foundation’s Child Parliament talked about their lives in the Foundation. After the introductory presentation the Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation introduced the Foundation for the parents in more details.

At 10.00, after the introduction and a short sandwich break, the children continued with the maths test; while they are doing their task, the parents take part in a shortened drama lesson.

At 12.00, after completing the reading comprehension and maths tests, the children took part in a relaxing and joyful drama lesson. The lesson was not just about games and fun but also they had to show how they can work in teams and in groups. They also had to prove their cooperative skills.

At 13.15, after the lunch break and small talks with the menotrs and parents, the children were anxiously waiting for their turns to introduce their portfolios. The other candidats spent their time with playing while waiting for their turn.

14.50 The interviews are in progress. The children are happy and brave to introduce themselves, their families and their already reached results from the fields of sports, competitions and so on.

Tomorrow we carry on with talent selection process with the second group of children.

2nd day: 5th April 2014 The second day of talent selection process started at 8.00 o’clock. The children and their parents arrive to the Community House continuously.

At 9.25, the children and their relatives were officially welcomed by the Chief Operating Officer of the Foundation, Dr Radoszáv Miklós. Later the children started writting the reading comprehension test, which is going to be followed by the maths tests. While the children are completing the tests, the parents can learn more about the Foundation by the representatives of the Child Parliament.

Both days volunteers from Pécs helped everyone’s work. They took photographs, played with the younger children and they introduce their lives in the Foundation.

At 11.20, after the short snack break when the children finished with both tests, games and play will be in the centre of attention. All the participants will join the drama lesson, which – as usal – has a great atmosphere.

At 11.45 the drama lessons continued for the two groups. While one group were playing and working at the same time, the other group went to the nearby Magic Attic’s exhibition where the children could see more than 2000 kinds of teddy bears.

At 12.20 the children went into the interviews and they presented their well-prepared portfolios. All of them arrived with nice and neat presentations.

At around 15.30 the talent selecson process came to an end. The 15 new children in Kaposvár and the 30 new Csányis students in Mohács will get the the information by post about their acceptance after the 21st of May based on the deciosion of the Board of Trustees.