First venue of the Selection Process

First venue of the Selection Process

The Selection Process for the year 2013 has started in Csányi Foundation.

The first venue is Nagybajom. The 29 applicants will be heard on 23 and 24 March. The event will be held at the Community House of Nagybajom.

Candidates on the 1st day

Candidates on the 2nd day

The applicants take part in the whole-day-long selection process. Mathematical skills and reading comprehension will be tested and the students participate in a thematic drama play. Following these the applicants will have an interview, where they can introduce themselves and their portfolios.

The Foundation’s Advisory Board will make final decisions regarding who is accepted into the talent development programme; they will examine the test results, the children’s application material and the summary of the drama session. In addition, they will consider each child with reference to criteria related to giftedness and socially disadvantaged status. Final decisions will be announced at the end of May, and until 21 June each applicant will be informed by post regarding the result of their application.


Csányi Foundation Selection Process 2013
Stecina Kata:


My name is Kata Stecina from group 1 Nagybajom. Not so long ago, I was very excited as a 4th grade student, thinking about my future whether it will take a turn for better. After that I was nervous because of the results for many days. And then, one day came the good news: I became part of the group. A few years have passed on and looking back as a 9th grade student I can see how much I got from the Foundation.
In the first years I could participate in drama classes, reading comprehension classes, IT, maths, English and study-methodology classes. I think these lessons helped me a lot in my studies, even today. At the ECDL exams I could pass three modules and I was successful at the English language competitions. As a reward last year I could go to Brighton, England where I could spend one week with an English family. During weekdays we went to a language school where we met a lot of international exchange students at the lessons and during brakes. In the afternoons there were some interesting programmes organised for us in or around the town. Saturday we visited London where we rode the London Eye having a breath-taking view over the city, River Thames and the Big Ben. But this trip was not the only one I got. In the year when I was selected into the programme I went to Sarlóspuszta and I won a trip to Transylvania. I spent eight days there and took part in many interesting programmes. There were a lot of activities to choose from, e.g.: pantomime, drawing or arts and crafts. I chose film making. I learnt a lot about camera positioning and light directing. At the end of the trip no-one wanted to go home. It shows that the camp was an unforgettable memory for us.

Everybody from my group goes hiking every summer with group2 from Pécs. The first two summers were spent in Sarlóspuszta, then in Sárospatak followed by Kőszeg and Veszprém. We had a great time together and we made a lot of new friends. But these trips are not the only possibilities to meet new friends. The Life Path Day which is organised every year where all the groups from the country can show what they did throughout the year and can hold performances. The Foundation’s band, called the Csányi Band can be heard here every year. For my great pleasure, last year I could participate in the work of the band as a soloist.

During the year we were taken to many different places by our two mentors, Szilvi and Balázs, who can help us with their answers whatever they might be. We were in museums, in theatres and once were at the Theme Park of Bikal. At Christmas we return home with huge packages that we get from the Foundation after the Christmas show which we perform to our families. These five years enriched me very much my knowledge and my experiences as well. All those things that were given by my friends here, by our mentors and teachers are the ones that I would never ever change for anything. This is why we wait for the new group and their mentor, Patrik Biro, with love.