National Competition

National Competition

On 9 and 10 November I could participate in the National Competition at the Hungarian National Theatre in Budapest. This event and the „Super Final” was organized for the fourth time by the Hungarian National Theatre and the Hungarian Poetry Association. This year more than two hundred competitors participated.

I had to make a „poet film” and a „poet clip” for the semi-finals. I made Előszó by Frigyes Karinthy and A Dunánál by Attila József. It gave me a big pleasure that I could qualified for the finals.

I chose 2 poems for the „Super Final”: A Duna vallomása by Endre Ady and Mennyből az angyal by Sándor Máray. On the first day I got some constructive criticism and helpful advice that I will follow in the future. On Sunday the jury was very satisfied with my performance and it made me happy. I was very excited but before the announcement of the result, we could see a very funny performance. Finally, I won a bronze award, a season ticket for the Hungarian National Theatre and one of my greatest dreams came true: I could recite poems at the Hungarian National Theatre! I am vary satisfied and happy because it was a privilage to participate in it.

I would like to thank my mentor, Erika néni and the Foundation for their support, my teacher Tímea Gilincsek and I would also thank them for believing in me.

Hanna Szép / Group 1, Mohács