Noszlopy Gáspár-Rockenbauer Pál remembrance hike

Noszlopy Gáspár-Rockenbauer Pál remembrance hike

Noszlopy-Rockenbauer mental-physical remembrance hike

After months of planning and preparing, this year’s closing event has finally come. The preparation phase ended with a presentation and flag creation.

The planning…

The plans for the remembrance hike had to be as accurate as possible for our many participants and helpers. We even made a map for the teams, so they won’t get lost, and infographics for the organizers so they’ll be able to follow the kids’ trail. We handed out route-sheets for the teams which were sealed at every station by the leader of the station.


After many walkthroughs we settled the route which was loosely based on the National Blue Trail. For the extent of the path we contacted the owner of the regions, the mayors of the villages and the hunting parties. Without exceptions, everyone supported us and helped us smoothly finish our project.

The day has come…

It rained the day before yesterday, but it couldn’t stop us from hiking yesterday (18.08.2020). The younglings the older members of the NB community house and the volunteers (around 80) could test themselves on the 14.3 km long trail. The path crossed Nagybajom’s romantic and wild landscapes and historical places where we set up seven stations with various mental and physical tasks. The kids organized themselves into 6 groups and after a short briefing at the House at 8.30 a.m. the first group set foot on the path. Our vans and the local government’s bus helped us reach the starting point.

Fortress of Korokna: spear throwing, and source analysis awaited the kids in the muddy moat with (un)expected attacks from mosquitos.

Noszlopy chateau: herding a ball as swiftly as possible and doing a history-pools at this beautiful and peaceful place calmed everyone.

Duna-Dráva National Park: the task here was filling a conservationist-pools and they had to guess what these were „on-the-spot found” pottery used for and why were they left in the forest decades ago.

Fauna Hunting-Party: They came up with various tasks including sharpshooting, distance guessing, search and find. The hardest task was nailing a nail with a hammer peen.

Lencsen pond: with the instructions of Ádám Balogh, the kids had to find the Hungarian versions of different finish texts, then they had to pull themselves on a boat with a rope.

Felsőkak: The final stop where they had to analyse a Kossuth-bill and had to shoot with a bow.

At the end we had a meal, we ranked the teams according to their earned points, then garlanded Noszlopy’s statue.

We are thankful for all the help and support for:

Ernő Szabó for the idea

László Tüske for the „watching eyes”

Our members from Szeged, Péter Mikics and his little photographers

Zoltán Szegvári, the ranger from the Duna-Dráva National Park

Rózsika Palkovics, our advisory board member for the delicious pancakes

Sándor Németh, Csaba Boda, Péter Kosztricz, Péter Horváth, Dávid Vicze from the Fauna Hunting Party.

Gergő Magyar for the delicious wild stew

Tamás Fülöp for letting us use the track

Tamás Tiszperger and Laci for the use of the Hunting hotel in Miklóspuszta

József Kádas from the Energofish Kft. for the life vests

Mátyás Pirka mayor of Nagybajom

Zoltán Fentős mayor of Somogysárd

Ms. Kiss Péter Pál mayor of Újvárfalva

Our volunteers:

Horváthné Varga Tünde, Ádám Balogh, Péter Horváth, Örs Péterfai, Hanna Németh, Heni Bertus, Alexandra Horváth, Kata Stecina and her boyfriend Matyi, Szandra Kovács, Attila Sipos, Krisztián Galambos, Tibor Giber, Bonita Kovács, Lili Fülöp, Bence Hortobágyi and László Gázsik.

We are especially thankful for Erika Csányi for the visit and all the support she gave!