Language Projekt in Mohács

Language Projekt in Mohács

We held our language project day on 21 October in the Mohács Community House. The children could compete at five different stations, using their knowledge in German and English. They had to work in groups, and sometimes they even sang and danced together for extra credits.

“The tasks given to us were very interesting, we could learn a lot from them.” Gura Krisztina, Mohács 1.

“We could prove how good we are at German and English while going through 5 stations. Everybody enjoyed it, because the exercises were very interesting.” Schochter Vanda, Mohács3.

“The day today was very exciting, nobody was bored. Our other lessons were also held, so after the competition, we could prepare for our next ECDL module.” Ritzl Blanka, Mohács 2.

“We also made rain deer ornaments for the next charity market.” Balog Teréz, Mohács 1.

“I really liked working like this, through interesting tasks, and I do hope that we’ll have similar project days in the future, too” Illés Dániel, Mohács 2.