As I have seen

As I have seen

Fernanda’s presence in our lessons proved to be very useful, both to younger and to older students, as they could communicate with her only in English.

Thus they could improve and practise their English really much. The students were also motivated by the fact that even at the Foundation, they don’t meet someone from as far as Brazil every day, with whom they would have to speak in English. Through Fernanda’s presentation they could have a look into Brazilian culture, customs and traditions. No matter what they were talking about during the lesson, our students always tried to compare Hungary with Brazil, so both Fernanda and the Hungarian students acquired plenty of valuable and useful information. This is why we are looking foward to seeing many volunteers like Fernanda here.

Asa language teacher, I myself found Fernandas’s presence very useful. She thaught the student’s had to communicate in english. She had an excellent seuse of teaching.

Translator: Richárd Palkó K2

Gabriella Manduk