I have become third on a national competition

I have become third on a national competition

On the 10th of May the final round of the national Titok (London Bridge) competition has been held which was preceded by two rounds. About a hundred children competed per year.

After the registration we went to the classroom, fortunately the 5 graders were in a smaller „only” a 220 – seat classroom. After a long waiting time we got our tests and we started to work zeausly and anxiously. I didn’t have to think on most of the tasks but some of them were pretty hard. We had to write the solutions on an other sheet. Whe the time was over, they took the sheets and gave us the solving key. What I did first was to run out to my parents and look for the mistakes but i only had 2.

On the award ceremony I was waiting to hear my name at 2nd place and i was disappointed when it revealed that i was only third. My price was a book in English: „Ariadne’s story”. After the official closing it revealed that i copied an answer incorrectly.

My parents, my greatparents, my teachers and my mentor was still very proud of me.

Levente Lassu

Kaposvár 1.