Őrvidéki History Camp

Őrvidéki History Camp

  1. day: Finally, this day here! On July 17 the History Camp of Őrvidék has been started. This will be a very spectacular camp, because this will be our last summer camp in the Csányi Foundation. In the morning of the day in Jászberény our little group started the journey to meet again with our friends from Nagybajom. Because of the long journey, we stopped and relaxed some time. In Balatonfüred we ate our lunch and saw the coast of the Balaton. In Tihany we saw the monestry and the shops in front of them. Before dinner we arrived to the Hunguest Hotel, in Bükfürdő. After the delicious dinner the plans for the week was said by our mentors. A beautiful journey will wait for us in this week, for example tomorrow we are going to Vienna!

Dávid Víg, Jászság 3.

2. day: This day, was the first day when we entered to Austria. We went to the capital, Vienna. Firstly, we saw the Schönbrunn castle a very beautiful castle of the city. We saw it inside and outside. This was the living place of Franz Joseph and Queen Elizabeth. After that we went to the Prater and we enjoyed the the big wheel. The Prater is full of fun. When we went back to the hotel we had good time with the others and played chess and everybody liked that.

Víg Dávid, J3

3. day:

Castle of Fraknó is owned by the Esterházy family. It has the biggest private weapon collection of Europe and other equipments of the famous noble family. We have been on an all-in guiding and we have seen about 32 000 pieces of medieval weaponry. We’ve got an inside view of the last centuries’ casual activity and we were able to enter the family’s „treasure room” where we saw antiquities and real treasures we didn’t even know about.

We were in the Esterházy palace in Eisentadt, too. Unfortunately we could not visit all the 230 rooms, but the visited ones were unbelievable. The Wine Museum has given place for the wineculture of the area. In this cellar we were able to find one of the biggest barrel of the continent with it’s 3 m. diameter. – László Gázsik NB1

4. day:

Today we did not cross the border of Hungary, but we visited Sopron. The city’s history goes back to the Roman times. We climbed up to the top of the Fire Tower. We ended the day with an icecream. It is worth mentioning that we made our own ice cream choosing from several sauces, sweets and fruits. We spent the rest of the day with relaxing, we enjoyed the given entertaiment facilities of the hotel. In the evening we went to the R-go concert. – László Gázsik

5. day:

The Zotter Chocolate Factory is an out-standing facility where we could take an inside view of the chocolate world and the factory itself from the harvesting of the beans to the final product we buy in the stores. It was a tour of taste, the different types of choco and the different stages of the production and the wide variety of flavors made it a really enjoyable yet informative and of course unforgivable tour.

After that, we went to Pityerszer which belongs to the Őrségi National Park and had a little tour around the place. They show us how our ancestors in that particular area lived their lives. – László Gázsik NB1


Our day was spent in a very happy atmosphere, as we were in the wellness part of the hotel and the beach of Bükfürdő. Altough we had to face the fact, that this was our last day here in our last camp.

Most of us were bathing in the pools, and enjoyed the given chances and entertainment facilities of the hotel. Also, there were some, who spent the afternoon with doing handcrafts. Meanwhile we were talking about the experiences and memories that we got in the past years together. In the end, we realised, that these memories will always be in our minds, not mentioning that these are connecting us.

During the camps, we managed to enlarge our knowledge in all fields, above this, we got to know most of the popular areas of Hungary. We all became a great member of a wonderful community. We got lots of memories, but these could not be reached without the Foundation. We are all greatful to be part of this adventure, and we are waiting till we can be small-mentors to help our teahcers’ and mentors’ work. We would like to say thank you for the Foundation and also for András Urr for the great organizing.

Zsófia Tóth Jászság 3.