A Fall Trip to Orfű

A Fall Trip to Orfű

The weekend of November 12-13 completely made me think about how we take the time we spend together and those ‘mandatory’ meetings twice a week for granted. Then the fact that this is probably our last chance to participate in a meaningful weekend getaway together with the older members of the Kaposvár 2 group made me very sad. Not only sad, but it also made us want to fill every moment with joy and good things as graduation is upon us, after which the most of us will leave our small and beloved town. Accordingly, we tried to make these two days in Orfű unforgettable.

After our arrival, despite the rain, we set off to approach a spring on a hiking trail. An inviting, steep rock wall rose above the spring, so we changed the route and continued the tour by climbing up and sliding down into the ditches. After that, we prepared for a long-desired war of numbers, and then we ran around the forest in an attempt to determine who is the fastest. In the afternoon, after cooking dinner (the boys were the cooks!) we held a conversation online with some university students about the approaching high school graduation, subject enrollment, and university life. In my opinion, they shared a lot of useful information and knowledge with us. Following the conversation, we had a delicious dinner. Then the great board game party began, which now we respect as a tradition among us, which obviously meant a great amount of laughter that lasted until dawn.

On Sunday, we woke up still hungry for adventure. In the beautiful sunshine, which helped us wake up, we decided to go on a seven-kilometer-long tour, during which we visited the famous Orfű watermill, the Vízfő cave spring, a forest nature trail, and the Balázs Lookout, from which there was a beautiful view of the declivities of Mecsek and the surroundings of Orfű. Such programs really bring our small group together and further strengthen the unbreakable friendships between us.


Jázmin Pretz, Kaposvár 2


During the online discussion for the group graduating this year, I told them honestly about what my first year was like at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Budapest University of Technology. I also told how I came to the decision to change universities, why I got to that point and how it affected me, my immediate environment, and my current studies. I tried to highlight how important it is to consider the decision on choosing majors. We spoke a few words about graduation and the importance and necessity of socializing at university. In addition, we shared our personal experiences about our chosen majors and what it means to be a university student.’

Dániel Ihász, law major at ELTE


As a resident of S10, I was happy to tell the group about our life here, about the elective classes, our promising programs, our experiences, and the meetings with Mr. Radoszáv. We agreed on a future meeting, when I can personally show them this place, which I really grown to love. I hope that the graduates found the shared information useful.’

Zsófia Trixler, German teacher major at Károli, resident of S10


I like to participate in discussions like this, because in the period before university I also had many questions in my head, and it was difficult to find answers to them. Basically, I was grateful for all the guidance that I could get my hands on. Tonight’s conversation was about this, and it was meaningful and interesting, I look forward to the continuation of the discussion and although we deviated from the main topic, of the use of Google Form, documenting the work of our community service, I will be happy to share mine and show it to my younger groupmates.

Visontai Leonard, programming major at PTE


I tried to give useful and tangible information about the role, importance, and methods of mentoring to my groupmates. It was nice to speak in such a way that I experienced genuine interest on the part of the audience. Not only their mentor, but also, the students asked really important and great questions. The conversation was characterized by honesty, goal-orientation, and a wealth of information, and we also agreed to continue it in person.’

Ábel Balla, energy engineering major at ELTE