Protect and enrich the forest for a livable climate!

Protect and enrich the forest for a livable climate!

The Kaposvár Group 4 went on a trip to Somogyszob on Wednesday, June 24. Our main topic is the knowledge of nature, including – due to the location – the world of forests. We continued the series of programs we started last year, the focus of this year’s performance was on the relationship between forest and climate.

“Today we were on a trip to Vackor Farm. We were here last year, then it was about selective waste collection, today it is about climate change. After that, we had to make teams, and then we made posters, which we then had to present to the others. We already laughed a lot during the making. We also played with Kriszta. It was a good day, I had a great time. ” Barnabás Radó

“I am lucky to be able to volunteer for the Kaposvár Group 4 trip in Somogyszob. After arrival, Kriszta was spoken about climate change. Then children had to make a poster in groups. They were introduced after lunch, followed by team building, in which they had a great place. It was good to see how consistent they are. ” Orsolya Királyné Szabó, volunteer


“We went with the group to Somogyszob, to the Vackor house. We had a good conversation on the way there. When we got here, we had a snack and then the playground were waiting for us. Kriszta made us an interesting presentation, which was very interesting, we learned a lot about the climate. We then worked in groups of 4, each group had to make a poster based on the presentation. It became very interesting for everyone. We had lunch and then showed each other the posters. After that Kriszta was waiting for us with exciting games. I liked the “rope dance” the best, where the group had to stretch the rope and one of the members of the group had to walk along the rope. It was a little hard because we were excited not to fall off the rope. Then we rested a bit and then we got the snack and headed home. I think it was a very exciting and fun day. ” Sára Ladányi

“My groupmates and I went on a trip to one of the guest houses in Mocz and Társa Private Forestry. Our group was already here last year, although I was not ther at the time. Upon arrival, Kriszta invited us to eat and then we heard a very interesting, interactive presentation from her. The main topic of the presentation was climate protection. After the presentation, we were divided into teams and made posters related to the topic. After lunch, we participated in team building games. I really liked these games. We tossed several beanbags on top of each other, then while standing in a circle, we tossed a cylinder to each other, round and round, preferably so that no one drops it, and all the rollers are in the air at the same time. We also tested ourselves in an obligatory game in which a group of ours walked the rope so that we held it. The day was busy. We talked a lot, we also played on the playground. I had a lot of good experiences that day. ” Sipos Levente

On Wednesday we went to the Somogyszob. When we arrived we were greeted with snack and then we watched a presentation on protecting and enriching the trees. In this regard, we had to make a poster in groups. After lunch, we had to tell us what we were making a poster about. I think the team building tasks were very good and funny. ” Nóra Burucz

The kids liked the program so much that we discussed, “Next year – with you – in the same place!” Marianna Halász, mentor, Kaposvár Group 4th