Finance and drama camp, Sarlóspuszta

Finance and drama camp, Sarlóspuszta

1st day:

We are very happy that we could return to Sarlóspuszta, but it was a bit different now, as we have come back as a small mentor. We got a little nostalgic mood, we recalled many nice memories. After the arrival, we, the small mentors, introduced ourselves, and after everyone had occupied his room, we had lunch. After the quiet resting, the groups could swim or they participated in various activities, for example, they could try yoga, which attracted great interest. In the team building series finally won the Kaposvár girls team.

Gura Krisztina, Szabó László small-mentors

2nd day:

Many of us started the day after the morning uprising with morning gymnastics and yoga, almost everyone started their day with Laci, and we continued the exercises we had learned yesterday. After breakfast we got acquainted with two lecturers from OTP Fáy Foundation, we introduced each other with a ball. We had many interesting and playful tasks in the morning: we got useful advice on saving and about bank account. One interesting task was to risk our imaginary money, could the robot go through the track? If our tip was good, we got money for it, if not, we lost it. The construction of the tower was also exciting with the help of pasta, glue and marshmallow, the highest tower won.

After lunch, we got to know the little mentors from Kaposvár, and they learned our name with the help of memory games. We also made business cards about ourselves and about one mate of the group about the subject: who will be you in 15 years?

In our spare time, we had the opportunity to make bracelets and pebble paintings with the little mentors from Mohács, and many beautiful creations were made.

We felt very good today!

Kántor Stella Szeged Group 2nd, Kristóf Biró Kaposvár Group 4th

3rd day:

After breakfast, the two groups watched the film Agymano, which we thought was a very cute movie. Krisztina put together an interesting quiz, which everyone liked very much and we all did well, almost everybody responded flawlessly. We processed the film with Sasa and discussed what the basic feelings are. The winner of the morning was the boy team in Szeged!

In the afternoon we were able to craft again, where we learned a lot of spinning techniques, and in the good weather we were swimming.

After the snack we measured our knowledge in quiz again, this time we filled out the test about the Csányi Foundation, which was best solved by the boys of Kaposvár. Then we got to know the application called Kahoot quiz, which was connected to our finances, it was very interesting. Before dinner, we also made our group photo.

Even today, we have had exciting programs, and we still have a good time.

Ádám Papdi Balázs Szeged Group 2nd, Enikő Sármány Kaposvár Group 4th

4th day:

Today was also very colorful, and after the breakfast there was a presentation about the dangers of the Internet and the safe use of the Internet held by the International Child Safety Service. It was a very exciting game called “The Like Hunter”. We also learned a lot about how bad things can happen to us if we use the net irresponsibly.

We had lunch, and after the quiet rest, children of Kaposvár were making crafts, while the Szeged people were playing and talking.

The drama began with dramatic tension, because there was no internet because of maintenance, but it only lasted until we got into the game, because we played very well today. During the drama lessons Mr. Miklós Radoszáv arrived at the camp.

Peti and Nori also surprised us this year with their QR-code game again, in which we could expand our knowledge of birds. It was very interesting because we didn’t know who would get the coffer and what was in it.

After dinner, the mentors, Patti, Peti and Niki, were surprised by an unusual country-city competition.

We were not bored today, we felt very good.

Anna Pajor-Vincze Szeged Group 2nd, Levente Sipos Örs Kaposvár Group 4th

5th day:

The morning was rotating, with 3 teams in different stations, trampoline, archery and air gun shooting. The kids enjoyed all the stations, but the most popular was the trampoline. The kids spent a lot of time here and were very happy with the new game.

After lunch, we rejoiced at the pooling again. Creativity was one of the themes in the drama classes today, but there were also team-building games, these activities were very good. We had made a cinema out of the hall, then we watched the Lorax animation film about the relationship between man and nature.

After dinner we played a partisan bouncer, we also joined the teams. The evening was very exciting and there were tight matches, the kids worked well together, barely wanting to stop.

In the evening, everyone is pretty tired and everyone has been resting soon.

Teréz Balog Hanna, Andor Ferenc Kern small mentors