Pick Street Running Festival

Pick Street Running Festival

At the weekend we travelled to Szeged, the largest town of the Tisza banks, to take part in the annual Pick Running Festival.

We left for Szeged at dawn on Friday with two of my group mates and our mentors. The trip was spent chatting in anticipation of the weather of the upcoming event. After arrival we went to the to the Szeged community house for a quick breakfast after which we set out for the square. Several events were available such as family running, 6km, and 3.4km, which I chose. As I had some time before the start I helped at the foundation’s stand. We warmed up. Unfortunately, it started to rain but it didn’t stop us from achieving our goal, completing the 3.4kms. Many were waiting at the finish. All contestants finished the event in their own rhythm. After the event, we visited a famous local restaurant where we conversed more over the delicious meals after which we left for home.

I can say, although it rained we had a great day. I was glad our goals were achieved and I hope the weather will be more pleasant.

Gabor Szabo

Pecs 1.