Younger ones and older ones

Younger ones and older ones

Members of group 2 of Kaposvár, are done with important days.

The older ones got their matura certificates, the younger ones had their first developmental lesson. It was an unusual pyjama-party for the newcomers that we would like to lead in as a tradition.
As an older one sees it: On Thursday afternoon we had a nice time together with the younger ones, where we could get to know each other with the help of “getting-to-know” drama games and our mentor. Earlier, everyone chose a little brother or sister owing to our interests or going to the same school or even just because of sympathy. We, the older ones, gave our T-shirts to our siblings with a sign on it that do not fit us any more. After the nice games, we went to have an ice-cream and then do some sports together. Table-tennis and badminton were the most popular but some of us tried the gym stuff. After the nice dinner, we had some time to talk and to play table football. Before going to bed, we watched a very nice movie about penguins. We, the older ones said goodbye to the younger ones who had their party then. It was very nice to be together and to tell old stories about getting into the Foundation. I am very glad that our group has enriched with such nice people.

Nikolett Csepeli, Kaposvár 2.

As a younger one sees it:

“It was a very nice day, I got new friends. I hope every other “Csányi-day” will be so great!”
Emma Sárközi

“Sasa’s old students were here and everyone got a T-shirt from his or her brother or sister. Then we played funny games where the older ones taught us how to be like a family.”
Dóra Gregor

“In one word, it was a wonderful day.”
Péter Párkányi