Exhibition of Róbert Milán Pongó at the Déryné 6 Gallery

Exhibition of Róbert Milán Pongó at the Déryné 6 Gallery

“In the Déryné 6 Gallery of the Jászság Community House, an exhibition entitled The Wonder World of Milán Pongó in a Wheelchair was opened.

This is the 6th time that we are organising an exhibition for artists with roots in Jászság or with ties to Jászság, because we would like to give you the opportunity to get to know their work and their work. Milán was born in Kecskemét, but his parents and grandparents come from Jászkisér, and his grandfather, under the influence of the artist Ferenc Eötvös-Nagy, has been painting and drawing a lot since he was eight years old. Unfortunately, Milán has to live with the genetic disease Duchenne, but his family and his art teacher Réka Hájas do their best to let Milán’s imagination run wild and let him soar in art. All this can be seen in the exhibition space, where Milán’s blues make his wonderful world of images unique and even more special. Milán had his first exhibition last year in Kecskemét, in the Ráday Museum, which was very successful. The opening of his 2nd exhibition in Berény was also very well attended, and we would like as many people as possible to visit and enjoy his works until the end of September.

The exhibition was opened by Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, Director of Operations. Emilia Peták, Máté Mága and Péter Tálas from the Jászság 2. group lifted the mood of the afternoon with their musical performances. Réka Hájas, Milán’s art teacher, spoke about their common journey, the power and impact of art and creation. Then the playful visitors could put up puzzles made of pictures. The exhibition was supported by the Jászberény Branch of OTP, Katalin Fülöpné Paksi thank you for the organization!

Thank you to all the contributors for making this event unforgettable!

Congratulations Milán! Keep it up!” Gyula Pege Jászság Group 3

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