Portfolio evaulation

Portfolio evaulation

Eight young people  had to take part in the Portfolio evaluation  at the Kaposvár Community House on July 8th. The event was preceded by serious preparations, as the students worked very hard to present their achievements so far as creatively as possible. The members of the K1 group arrived at the community house equipped with diplomas, medals and drawings, where the members of the committee – dr. Miklós Radoszáv, Chief Operating Officer, André Piroska Szabóné, Professional Rapporteur, Zsuzsanna Vida, Personal Assistant, Kinga Kiss, Trainee, Nándor Dausek, Member of the Parliament for Children, Richárd Palkó, a student, reported on their knowledge, experience and plans.

“I made a special video to try to show where I am now, what I’ve achieved so far. I’ve put a lot of work into this production, but since I’m interested in videotaping and I really enjoy working on it, there was no question of making my portfolio this way. ” Attila Kiss, Kaposvár Group 1

“We both love photography, we’ve been to an art camp several times at Sarlóspuszta, where we’ve been involved in photography. That’s why we also made a video compilation of our photos so far. Of course, we also talked about our achievements  and our future plans.” Mirjam Bartyik and Petra Bartyik, Kaposvár Group 1

“I was a little excited, but overall I was having a good time. I was the first to be good on the one hand because I quickly got past the evaulation and on the other hand bad because I had to start. The commission was very helpful, so my nervousness quickly dissipated.” Zsófia Kada, Kaposvár Group 1

All the portfolio students of the Kaposvár Community House managed to defend, it is a great pleasure for all of us that the committee found them all worthy to continue the Life Path Program. Congratulations to everyone!