My name is Leonardo Solano; I am from happy and beautiful Costa Rica. I come from the old capital Cartago, a small city with friendly people and amazing nature. I love to travel the world; it is one of my greatest passions. I spend most of my free time swimming; I belong to a team called “Makos”, which has made me a disciplined and results-oriented person, with a strong commitment to my team and teammates.


I am a Software Engineer from the Technological University of Costa Rica; also I am studying Business Administration in the University of Costa Rica. Both majors gave me the ability to understand different type of people and their needs. Also to face problems, know how to fix them in the most efficient way.
Now I am very excited to start my volunteer with the Csányi Foundation. Discover Hungary and meet special people who work in the Foundation and all children. I hope my work have a very positive impact on all the people who surround me, and in my life.