Portfolio Evaluation in Nagybajom

Portfolio Evaluation in Nagybajom

Today, on 27 May, the 10th grade students’ portfolio evaluation took place in Nagybajom. We were honoured to have the presence of Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, Director of Operations, and we would like to thank curators Rózsa Palkovics and Edward Papp for their participation in person and curator Zorán Sztevanovity for his online participation. We would also like to thank Piroska Szabóné André, Adviser, Zsuzsa Vida, Service Officer, and two of our fellow students, Eszter Mária Bogdán and László Gázsik.

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“We are proud that the children were able to successfully present their portfolio and that they can continue to rely on the trust and support of the Foundation. We wish them every success in the challenges ahead and in achieving their dreams.”  Eszter Mária Bogdán and László Gázsik, students, Nagybajom Group 1

“Today, Group 1 of the Community House in Nagybajom participated in a portfolio evaluation. Everyone was very excited and a little tense about the competition, as it was a milestone in our lives, and it was here that they decided whether we could continue our life as members of Csányi. We arrived at the community centre early in the morning to prepare and welcome our guests. They were motivating and encouraging us from the moment they arrived, making it easier for us, but it was only when it became clear that everyone could continue on with their lives at the Foundation that the weight was really lifted.” Laura Sándor, Nagybajom Group 1


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