Extraordinary weekend

Extraordinary weekend

“Today was special because we didn’t learn today, instead there were different kinds of activities we could choose from, like decoupage, crocheting, origami or logic games. I chose the decoupage, where I cut out pictures of colorful owls and glued them on white flat stones. The stones were then used in the mill game. In the meantime, Méri, our mentor, drew the board of a mill onto a larger wooden box, so we played a lot with our newly-designed stones. ” Eszter Bodor K4

“Some of us were able to train our brains at a logic session with Adam Balogh. The diversity of the activities and the interesting individual approaches all created a really positive and motivating work environment. At the end of the session we counted our points and refreshed our tired brains with some sweets. After the logic session ended, some of us started to “practice” for the upcoming table soccer tournament. As time passed, more and more volunteers joined us and we had a great time together.” Levente Lassu K1

“My mentor’s idea was to teach the members of our community house to crochet, so she got the necessary materials (crochet hook and yarn) for the weekend session. While the FIFA championship was in progress, I showed the basic crochet stitches to my fellow groupmates. Since this activity is not easy at all, most of them gave up after a while. Later, the youngest ones joined in as well, not to mention that they were pretty good.” Maria Isabel Camacho K1


“Members of Group 2 of Kaposvár wrote the entrance examination necessary for applying to a secondary school this weekend. They wrote a test in Mathematics and in Hungarian grammar and literature on January 19. Those who were not enrolled were “logically challenged” by Adam Balogh. They competed against each other on Saturday afternoon for chocolate and for the simple joy of finding the right solution. We are truly grateful to Adam for these playful, yet constructive sessions.” Angéla Sárközi mentor