Taxonomy in the Gate of Knowledge

Taxonomy in the Gate of Knowledge

We have visited the Gate of Knowledge during our science lecture on the 1st of March, where we were able to discover the systematization of animals.

Studying the old college collection, we got plenty of interesting information. We have been exploring the taxonomic hierarchy based on worksheets, which we were currently learning in the school. During the first part of our trip, we were exploring the phylums of the unicellulars, sponges and cnidarian, then we moved on to the phylum of vertebrates. Numerous stuffed animals could be seen for illustration


The most exciting part was the collection of mutant animals. We were able to see siamese twins and a domestic rabbit. But we didn’t upload the photos of these animals because they are too scarry.


Finally, the exhibition was also expanded by us, when we have given a specimen of tadpole shrimp (Triops cancriformis) bred by Szabi, which will be exhibited in the near future.

Club Naturalists, second and third group of Szeged.