The board of directors is the main decision-making body of the foundation, and manages the fund’s assets. Its members have been selected by the founder. The chairperson of the board and its members are senior officers of the foundation, as a public benefit organization.

The head of the board of directors is the founder’s wife, Erika Csányi.

The members of the board are: Attila Csányi, Ádám Csányi, Gabriella Csányi, Erika Csányi, Péter Csányi, Tamás Csányi, dr. Miklós Radoszáv, Rózsa Palkovics, Ágnes Pataki, dr. Mária Gődény Dr. Polony Istvánné, Zoltán Szalai and  Zorán Sztevanovity