Successful language exams in Pécs

Successful language exams in Pécs

We took the English language exam. Six of us took the exam at elementary level, four of us at intermediate level,he results arrived on 28th May. We were happy because all of us passed successfully .

Now I can say that it was useless to worry but I didn’t know this then. It was like a school lesson in the middle of writing an English test. There were reading, writing and listening tasks, which I was afraid of the most but luckily I passed that one too. The oral exam was very quick, I felt the 20 minutes like five when I was in the room. I am very pleased about this exam and know I know what it means to be excited before an exam.
Orsós Melinda P1

I felt a kind of tension for three weeks prior to the exam because I knew it is a very important milestone in my life. I did my best to devote as much time as I could to learn words, watch films in English, read articles and many other things. I was a bit worried about the exam because I was thinking about the possible failure but when I was there the exercises got easier and easier and I knew that I can do it. After three weeks of impatient wait I got the results and I was happy to know that I passed.
Panka Péter P1

I was very nervous but I was also happy to have the chance to sit an intermediate English language exam thanks to the Foundation. I had many English lessons in the Community House and due to this I became more and more self-confident. On the day of the exam I was still nervous a bit but I felt it will be my lucky day. The exam lasted for four hours and wasn’t very easy. Now I know that the energy and time invested in learning had its result because I passed and now I am a happy owner of a language exam certificate. Thank you very much for the help of the Foundation.
Kiss János P1

I was excited when I got to the venue of the exam where we had the written part first (reading comprehension, letter writing and listening). Following this was the oral exam where we had to go in in pairs. We were waiting for two weeks and on 28th May we got the news that we passed the exam successfully. This outstanding result is offered in memory of our English teacher, Mr Robi, who always helped and encouraged us.
Medek Péter P1