Expanding in Szeged!

Expanding in Szeged!

Szeged welcomes children and their companions with open arms and wide smiles for the selection process. We invite all our dear guests to a full day of entertaining and exciting programs at our Community House!


In addition to mentors, our supported university and high school students from Szeged will also be present, so everyone can confidently turn to the young individuals clad in green shirts for guidance!


  1. Day:
    The selection process has commenced in Szeged as well. Seventeen children arrived with their companions on the first day. True to tradition, their first task was to complete competency tests: one in Hungarian, one in Mathematics. Meanwhile, parents and guardians attended a presentation by Dr. Miklós Radoszáv, the operational director of the Foundation, introducing the Csányi Foundation with a special emphasis on our operational structure, which requires long-term commitment from families, followed by a presentation by Dr. Brúnó Faragó from the Szeged Group 1, sharing his own experiences. The morning concluded with drama, in which the companions also participated in a session designed for them. Following this, the children learned the results of the tests written by their parents, which led to great joy and the opportunity for a group photo. After lunch, interviews were eagerly anticipated.
  2. Day:
    The second day continued with familiar activities and programs. Today, fifteen children arrived, who, just like their peers from the previous day, enjoyed the Saturday with bravery and enthusiasm. Following Dr. Miklós Radoszáv’s customary briefing today, Luca Berta gave a presentation about her Life Journey, followed by Izabella Patyi introducing the Foundation’s Children’s Parliament, which prompted several questions from interested parents. The initial excitement quickly turned into high spirits for both the children and their companions. In addition to the tests, there was also a parental drama, which, as always, was conducted in a very jovial atmosphere. They also completed the logic and humanities tests prepared for parents, which were announced to the audience based on their children’s unanimous vote. The day continued with interviews, where the children presented their portfolios they had prepared.

We hope everyone had a great time as promised.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Curator Edward Papp for actively participating in the programs and interviews at this selection event.