Meeting in Person

Meeting in Person

In the beginning of the school year, a few members of the Szeged 1 group undertook 7 6th grade students from Szentes, to help them learn English. They worked in pairs on different online platforms. This weekend was the first time when they could meet in person. “We were so happy that today(19, February) we had the chance to meet the kids we have been helping this whole time, so we prepared with an interactive and playful english class. First, we introduced ourselves, talked a little about what we do and what our hobbies are, then they did the same, and of course, we spoke english the entire time. Then started the score earning competition, where the first task was to think and speak about what everyone remembered from our introduction. Then we played hangman, where they challenged each other on who has the best thinking skills in english. Then we had a mini revision of the English alphabet, following which, we made 6 different topics and played activity with them.They seemingly had a lot of fun, we had funny and creative ways of trying to complete the challenge. At the very end of our time together, we announced the standings, and everyone in order could pick an animal made of pearls, which was a DIY project of a student from Szeged. Before we said our goodbyes, we talked about the online classes we had previously, both the advantages and the disadvantages. We had a lot of fun, which hopefully motivated everyone enough to continue working together with even better results. We will always welcome the group of Szentes in our community house.” Márk Somogyi, Szeged 1

“19th February, 2022, we spent the whole day at the Szeged community house. We met the older students of the foundation, who have been helping us learn english these past few months. We were a little bit shy with our introduction, since we never met our ‘teachers’ in person. They showed us around and then we began our introducing ourselves together. The mentors began talking about themselves, then it was our turn. We spoke in English of course, and slowly but steadily the icebreaker task did the job. We solved riddles and exercises in a playful and interactive way, that helped us improve our knowledge. The meeting was really good, I liked that we did it in person and we had a really good time. They help us weekly with revising everything we learnt in school, and if we are stuck with something, they are always there to help us. We use various platforms for studying together such as Google Meet, or Quizlet for home assignments.” At the end of the day they got us some small presents for our work.” Kata Bozó,Szentes 1

“I think these classes are really useful, I learn a lot every time, they help with everything, even the pronunciation, and we speak a lot in English.” Molnár Ákos Sándor, Szentes 1

Today was amazing, it was really useful in my opinion, and also we could finally see each other in person. I enjoyed activity the most, I got to learn new words in English. Lara Krisztina Pintér, Szentes 2

Saturday went by in a really pleasant way, we had a good time playing together and learning English. And finally I could meet my mentor, Bence. I wish we could have more meetings in person. Sándor Oszkár Polyák, Szentes 2

It was very good and interesting to visit an other house, and get acquainted with the older students of the foundation. Meeting my mentor was really good, since we talk and have classes every Tuesday and this was the first time in person. This way, I got to understand much more English, and im thankful for that! Gábor Illés, Szentes 2