Personal Computers

Personal Computers

Thank you!

The “Personal computer III” project results came out that was announced by the Csányi Foundation and our tenders were successfully selected. Now we are happy owners of up-to-date personal computers. We are really happy to have modern and reliable computers, monitors and other necessary equipment that help us to make better presentations and word documents. Thank you for the Csányi Foundation for this support and help.

Fábián Berta, Kormos Dénes, Rutai Gergely, Zombori Dániel Szeged 3, Turuczki Szabolcs Szeged 2

“We had an opportunity to apply for computers. Csányi Foundation wrote out that acquisition it’s called “Personal desktop III”. We won the computers so we could take them back to home. The reason we applied for the new computers was we had desktops, but they were outdated. With the new computers we could easily learn about IT sector and in any other school project we can use them. In the community house of Jászság 21 children could take the new computers to home. We were excited and joyful. We are very thankful to the Foundation for that opportunity.” Juhász Aba Nikolett, Bartakovics Brigitta, Bartakovics Bernadett, Barankai Erős Barnabás és Burai Tamás Jászság 2

“It was a huge pleasure that I got my new computer from the Foundation, I know it will help my education and not to fall behind with the material in the school. I am able to surf on the net and to gather useful sources for the school projects. I used to use my cellphone to gather information, but now with the technological advanced computer I can follow the pace of school requirements. I am very thankful to the Foundation and to my mentor. Besides, I am considered the membership of the foundation a real honor.” Pege Gyula Jászság 3.

“With the computer I won I can finally learn without disturbing my family. “Wensofszky Balázs Pécs 3

“I’m really happy to able to start working on my programmes.” Schneider Krisztián Pécs 3

“I’m really grateful for this PC and can edit my school articles better.” Jakab Kata Pécs 3

“I just love my new PC. It will help me a great deal in doing homework and developing my skills. “Veréb Zsanett Pécs 3.

“I am really happy to have my Own computer and not having to share. I’m sure I’ll be much better at schol thanks to it.” Majoros Ivett Pécs 3.

“My sister and I are truly grateful for this Pc, which we will use together. We’ve never had one and this will help us much in the coming years. It’s like Christmas already! “Kovács Tibor Pécs 1.

I am very happy to have taken part in the “Desktop III” tender in the foundation. My mentor helped me a lot in preparing, and I was truly surprised that we won a computer. We hadn’t got one and now my family and my siblings and I can use it for the first time. Thank You.Nyári Lajos, P2 group