Sindbad and Princess Anna

Sindbad and Princess Anna

We watched an ice-musical.

On the 12th December, we could take part in a performance, in Budapest, Sindbad and Princess Anna. Before the performance, we could have a look inside a helicopter. The Sindbad was performed on ice, which was really interesting to me. The actors were pretty amazing. I really liked the whole performance.
Zsanett Kanyó

On 12th December, we visited Origo Film Studio, where we could watch Sindbad and Princess Anna on ice. The ice-skaters were from Russia, who wore very nice dresses. I liked the day.
Gabriella Kiri

On Saturday morning we travelled to Budapest to watch Sindbad and Princess Anna, ice-musical. The ice-skaters were rolling and turning around all the time but it was amazing! It lasted for 2 hours and then we headed back home. This was a very nice day but unfortunately we had to travel a lot.
Sarolta Makra

On Saturday, we were at the Origo Film Studio. We could watch a performance on ice with Russian ice-skaters but the music was in Hungarian. This performance was just perfect and amazing.
Barbara Simon