We were in the theatre

We were in the theatre

All the groups in Pécs were surprised with a free theatre ticket to “Nekünk Nyolc”.

It was performed by a junior group of Zalaegerszeg. The play was about a small class of 8th graders and their everyday life. It was a great and humorous play. We definitely recommend it.

Theatre afternoon

On 31st May Pecs 1 group went to the theatre to celebrate the end of term. We watched a play called “mumus” or boogeyman as part of the family theatre week. The play was funny and entertaining, and by the end the children were no longer afraid of the bogeyman. Pecs group 1

How we saw it…

We watched a play called bogeyman. I really liked it and I hope we will go to the theatre together soon:).

Polgar Antonia P1