The internet is seductive, but dangerous!

The internet is seductive, but dangerous!

We could take part in a presentation about the dangers of the Internet on Parents Academy, on the 18th of March in the Community House of Jászberény. The instructor was Orosz Tibor, warrant officer.

We could hear many interesting and important things on this event. First of all, we talked about the safety using of the internet. Our kids are in the „Z” generation. All type of digital gadgets are part of our life. Because of this, we -parents- have to pay close attention to them because they can’t see and don’t know what kind of dangers waiting for them. We can’t trust others on different social websites. Many kids live their life in a virtual space. It can lead to personality disorders. Disturbing on the internet, trolling, sending erotic pictures are threats of the internet.

We can find a lot of deceptive pages while we are surfing on the internet. These contain many false information. We have to be very careful because our password can be stolen. Today the anti-virus programmes are very nessecery. The agressive computer games can be a threat. There are some recorded occurance where the ending of the story was real-life murdering.

The internet has became a part of every family life. We just spend a little time together because we surfing too much on the net. Take care of each other.

Thank you for this great presentation.


Vígné Kocka Erika, Parent