Parent – mentor meeting in Mohács for Group 3.

Parent – mentor meeting in Mohács for Group 3.

Today (on the 9th of May) we held the parents mentor meeting for Group 3 in Mohács.

The previous days were very exciting, because the children got to know, that they succeeded at the selection  procedure, so they became part of the Foundation’s program. Everybody arrived with joy and with a smiling face, and paid close attention to their mentor’s reference about the summer’s programs.

The followings were written by the parents and the children:

I am very glad that my son, Gergő became part of this team. We welcomed the helpful advice at the beginning, because we did not know, where exactly  we want to join. We were a bit scared, but now I am relaxed, and I know my son is at the right place. He can learn and experience a lot
here, that we could not give him at home. I am very proud of the task we undertook, and of my son, too, who is gladly part of this team. Mádlits Anita ( The mother of Orosz Gergő)

I was very glad when I heard that I am in! This is an unforgettable day for me, because I have learnt a lot about the Foundation anf I will be gladly part of this team. Orosz Gergő

It is very interesting and exciting to see the parents and the children with whom we will be in a close relationship, and among whom hopefully my son will find good friends. The administration was held in a friendly atmosphere. We are looking forward to the next meeting with a trustful heart.
Bertholdné S.Nagy Ágnes (The mother of Berthold Gergely)

Richárd was very proud when he learnt that he became part of the Csányi team, and his mother is very proud of him, that he did it! We both are aware of the fact that the Foundation is a great opportunity for him to get the best out of Richárd. He will do everything for this, he promises it. The “signing” day was as friendly as the “selection” day, so Ricsi is looking forward to the summer camp.  Holczerné Tóth Melinda (The mother of Holczer Richárd )