Parents’ Academy with Bonafarm in Kaposvár

Parents’ Academy with Bonafarm in Kaposvár

The parents of young people facing a career choice at the Kaposvár Community Centre were invited to an interactive Parents’ Academy by Bonafarm experts Szimonetta Vuk and Judit Cseh. The young people joined the programme, as they are also concerned career changers.

Young and old alike were easily addressed and engaged in an interactive reflection by the invited guest speakers. After a short presentation on the Bonafarm Group, the group was easily engaged, and the fact that phones were legally available and an interesting quiz on the topic had to be completed online certainly played a big role (especially for Generation Z).

Afterwards, parents and young people worked in two groups, sharing their thoughts on the pitfalls of having a child facing a career choice and how to empower them in this situation. Meanwhile, the other half of the group had the chance to complete an exciting personality test and discuss their experiences. The programme ended with a joint discussion where parents and children shared how far they had got in the small group discussion.


In the closing circle, the adults took the traps they had collected, which they would recommend avoiding, and the affirmations that could help their children in difficult moments of career choice. The younger generation also came away with some good mental ammunition, and I was particularly pleased with the results I was able to take home after the test. The evening did not pass without gifts, we were happy to choose from a selection of surprises, for which we are very grateful, as well as for the whole programme!

Thanks to the Bonafarm Group for a quality and meaningful Friday evening.